Color stripe nº 4

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Artist : Mario Prencipe

 125cm x 100cm

Mixed media on Canvas

 Theme : Counter-Perspective

 “The theme of my works is the relationship between the artist and the space, or rather the search for a perception of things that has a correspondence with the wandering character of my lifestyle and with my way of conceiving distant things as if they were subjects materially close to me.

For example, the fact of observing the geographical map of a place that I do not know, stimulates my imagination on how the environment that surrounds it could be, even if often this thought does not correspond to reality. For this reason I am interested in the vanishing point as a symbol of a destination, and I try to represent it visually starting from a definition expressed by Leonardo da Vinci, who claimed that the images in the perspective view, as they move away, decrease in size and details, until they disappear into the vanishing point, which is the element in which all the forms are contained.

The vanishing point is therefore the casing of each figure, and I am interested in disentangle it to free the images contained in it, but in a counter-perspective sense, that is through a projection in which the elements closer to the vanishing point, and therefore further away to the observer, they are represented in the foreground, while maintaining the dimensions of a background plan.” Mario Prencipe