Mario Prencipe was born in Sesto San Giovanni ( Milan) in 1965, where he graduated from Artistic High School in 1983.

For decades he has led a wandering artist's lifestyle, during which he has held exhibitions at the institutional level at the National Museum of Nicaragua, the National Gallery of Costa Rica in San José, the Miraflores Museum of Art and Archeology in Guatemala City, the Museum of Fine Arts of Komsomolsk-na Amur in Russia, the State Art and Sculpture Museum at Ankara, Turkey and the most recent exhibition at the Modern Art Museum Of Yerevan in Armenia, where he exhibited his last series of works called Counter-Perspective.

His works are available in the following Art Galleries:

Shen Chang Art Gallery, Hangzhou, China

Venvi Art Gallery, Tallahassee, USA

Kyo Gallery, Alexandria, USA

Avellana Art Gallery, Manila, Philippines
Coach-House Gallery, Guernsey, UK


Faro's Cathedral, Portugal. (Solo)


Modern Art Museum , Yerevan , Armenia. (Solo)
The Stainless Gallery, New Delhi, India. (Group)
João Bailote Gallery, Albufeira, Portugal. (Solo)


Haos Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia. (Solo)
Alliance Française Pretoria, South Africa. (Solo)


Art Gallery of University of Science and technology of China, He Fei, China (Solo)

Venvi Art Gallery, Tallahassee, USA. (Two artists show)

Paseo Gallery One, Oklahoma City, USA. (Group)


West Lake International Art Fair, Hangzhou, China.


State Art and Sculpture Museum, Ankara, Turkey. (Solo)

Gallery Luz y Oficios, La Havana, Cuba. (Solo)

The Stainless Gallery, New Delhi, India. (Group)          


Italian Institute of Culture, Nairobi, Kenya. (Solo)


Avellana Art Gallery, Manila, Philippines. (Solo)

West Lake International Art fair, Hangzhou, China.           

Palazzo Art Gallery, Madras, India. (Solo)


Shenzhen International Art Fair, Shenzhen, China.

Town Hall of Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal. (Solo)

Ukmerge Culture Centre, Ukmerge, Lithuania. (Solo)

E-Kunstisalong, Tartu, Estonia. (Solo)            

Yiwu International Art festival, Yiwu, China.


National Museum of Grenada, St. George’s, Grenada. (Solo)          

Shen Chang Art Institution, Hangzhou, China. (Solo)


Cultural Center Antonio Machado, Madrid, Spain. (Solo)

Museum of Fine Arts, Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Russia. (Solo)


Miraflores Museum of Art and Archeology, Ciudad de Guatemala,(Solo)

National Palace of Culture of Nicaragua, Managua, Nicaragua. (Solo)

Rotunda Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand. (Solo)

Art Expo Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Cultural Center of Alvito , Portugal. (Solo)

Podestá Palace, Rimini, Italy. (Solo)

Anca Gallery, Canberra, Australia. (Solo)

José Caballero Gallery, Punta Umbria, Spain. (Solo)

Regional Museum of Arte Costarricense, Tibas, Costa Rica. (Solo)

National Gallery, San Jose, Costa Rica. (Solo)


Gallery 36, Kiev, Ukraine. (Solo)

Samora Barros Gallery, Albufeira, Portugal. (Solo)

Braque Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentine. (Solo)


Espace Medina, Dakar, Senegal. (Group)

Pedro Ruivo Foundation, Faro, Portugal. (Solo)

House of Culture, Loulé, Portugal. (Solo)

Castle of Forlimpopoli, Italy. (Solo)

Samanvai Gallery, Jaipur, Índia. (Solo)


Museum of Aljezur, Portugal. (Solo)

Portuguese Cultural Centre of Cidade da Praia, Cape Green.(Solo)


International Contemporary Art Exhibition “Grand Prix de la Côte d'Azur", Nice, France


Modigliani Gallery, Milan, Italy. (Group)


Museum of the City, Buenos Aires, Argentine

National gallery, San José,Costa Rica

National Museum, Managua, Nicaragua

Museum of Fine Arts, Komsomolsk na Amur,Russia.