Byzantine construction

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Artist : Walera Martynchik 

150cm  x120 cm

Oil on Canvas

Series : Medieval Constructions

“Generally, when brick – a –brack (odds end ends) is (are) piled up like this, in the work of gesture painters, one has an impression of a gigantic disorder, of suffering on a grand scale. This is not at all the case with Martynchik, who remains master of his overabundance and who paints each detail with absolute precision.

Although the anthropomorphic part of his art is minimal – are we not details of a universe which structures itself without us? – one infers from this that man is only one ant in an enormous flood. This realisation brings no fear; there are joy and rhythm in the quivering of this painter, who knows – and is this not rare these days? – the meaning of work, and the requirements of a true oeuvre (opus, work), worthy of the name.”
French Academy of Fine Arts