Semen Natanovich Guyetsky (Simha Nusenovich) (1902-1974)-

Semen Natanovich Guyetsky (Simha Nusenovich) (1902-1974)-

Ukrainian Jewish artist.

Ukraine is second by size country in the Europe. The Jewish is one of the oldest communities living in Ukraine. But the same as in Poland or Lithuania Jewish had the official institutions pressure for many years (in Ukraine till the collapse of the Soviet Union).Talking about Jewish artists in the Soviet Union, we have to say that they mostly had no ways to open their talent in full. Their families were living in small towns (in the suburbs of big cities) and it was not desirable for them to enter higher educational institutions.

And even more so the unique story of our hero, Jewish/Ukrainian Artist Semen Natanovich (Simkha Nusenovich by born) Guyetsky, who was born in small town of Gitomir (near Kiev city) in 1902. Only his outstanding talent and incredible working capacity pushed him to the lines of front Ukrainian artists of mid XXc. Guyetsky was a member of the art group, educated and highly cultured environment, which includes the Kiev school of painting: Nikolai Glushchenko, Tatiana Yablonskaya, Semen Guyetsky, Victor Koshevoy.

These artists tended to include a wide range of traditions, from the realistic to the modernism and expressionism, with its clear and vibrant color scheme.

Several facts from Semen Natanovich Guyetsky biography:

- One of the artist-animator, who created the first Ukrainian cartoon “Murzilka in the Africa” 1934.

- His work “Smolny 1917” (1957) was acquired by Dresden Art Gallery (one on the main art museums of Germany).

- Since 1968 Distinguished Artist of Ukrainian SSR

-Semen Natanovich Guyetsky  is in a Dictionary Of Twentieth Century Russian And Soviet Painters 1900-1980’S by Matthew Cullerne Bown

- In 2019, monographic of his portraits were printed in Netherlands “Semen Guyetsky portretten collective Hartman Alex book”.

We are glade to present here the collection of 11 paintings by Jewish/Ukrainian artist Semen Natanovich Guyetsky (1902- 1974). Being highly professional genre painter, who housed his Soviet Era artworks to the historical and Revolutionary topics in the museums of Dresden Moscow, Kiev,Gitomir;  Guyetsky always had the vest in portraits and still-life. Deep psychological knowing of people nature and high level professionalism in painting, makes his portraits outstanding and more close to the impressionistic realism of late XIX-early XX c, then to the Social Realistic Style.

The biography of Semen Natanovich (Simha Nusenovich) Guyetsky (1902- 1974)

  • Born May 15 1902 0n Gitomir city, Ukraine in the poor Jewish family of petty artisans. Died August 20 1974 in Kiev city, Ukraine.
  • At the age of 17 he was forced to join the rank of Red Army during the Civil War and and all his ordeals during this period, gave him a right to join.
  • Since 1921, after school graduating, he was studying in Zhitomer Professional Art College : Professor: Alexander Kantserov.
  • In 1929— graduated from Kiev Fine Arts Institute : Professor F. G. Krichevsky.
  • Member of Union of Artists of the USSR.
  • Guetsky was working as an artist-animator in Kiev cartoon studio.Participated in creation of the 1-st Ukrainian animation cartoon “Murzilka in the Africa” 1934 and several more early Soviet Animation cartoons:

                 “Tuk-tuk and Bug” 1935

                  “Magic ring” 1936.
Bud censorship board find the manifest of “Ukrainian bourgeois nationalism”in one of his cartoon and Guetsky career in animation was finished...

  • First exhibited 1938.
  • He participated in WWII. He went through the whole war. He was wounded and shell-shocked twice.
  • In 1945 entered the Union of Artists of the USSR.
  • Main part of his life, artist was living in Kiev. Painter of thematic canvases depicting historic subjects (portraits of Lenin, paintings devoted to Civil War and WWII), portraits, still lifes.
  • Guyetsky is participant of numerous All-Ukrainian and All-Union exhibitions. His work “Smolny 1917” (1957) was acquired by Dresden Art Gallery (Germany Art Museum).

 Most famous artworks:

“In the last underground”1958-59.

“Beginning of the life” 1962-63.

“1918 year” 1974-1974.

“Coming back” 1970-71.

  • Guyetsky had a solo exhibition in 1966.
  • Since 1968 Distinguished Artist of Ukrainian SSR.
  • In 1973 artist was awarded by order badge of honor
  • Artist’s original works are in Museums and private collections of Ukraine,Russia, Europe.

In Ukraine:

The National Museum of Art of Ukraine.

 Zhitomir museum of Local Folklore.

The Lebedin Art Museum.

The Horlivka Art Museum.

The Sumy Art Museum.

The Shevchenko National Reserve in Kaniv.


All artwork are have certificates of authenticity from Kiev State Historical Museum in Ukrainian.